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41,600 sq.ft, Mixed-Use

Boston, MA 

Date: 2019

Design: Marta McClelland

Visual Presentation: Marta McClelland

Status: Concept

Located in a gentrifying area of downtown Boston, this hotel aims to accommodate visitors who are wishing to experience the city. The market on the ground level was conceived as a street that consists of gathering and live performance spaces. Hotel rooms are located above the continuous promenade which connects Traveller and W4th streets, otherwise not easily accessible for pedestrians. The building can be described as a compound composed of solid blocks interconnected with paved streets. 
The structure includes glue-laminated timber portal frames braced with CLT panels and prefabricated CLT units. The use of engineered timber provides a fast, efficient, carbon neutral method of construction and serves not only as a structure but also interior finish. 

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